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Because this site is privately run and operated by one person with no funding, I will not be able to keep up with site or off-site dead links.

However, you should be able to find an article similar to a dead link by using the noted date along with a matching short phrase as noted below under
More info.

I carefully research sites of all stripe -- conservative-leaning, liberal, and non-partisan. I sometimes note Trump videos to get his exact words, and provide links to relevant news articles starting with pre-November 2016. Some pages are up-to-date, others are not yet.

If a news site decides they do NOT want to be included, I may take this site down until all such links are removed, and will place an error page for you, noting which organization has requested removal.

More info:
If you prefer more detail on a happening, word, or phrase immediately, simply googling "trump" plus the word or words you'd like more detail on could provide what you need. Adding a month or year to your search string can also be helpful. (For example, you might search for "2018 november trump iraq" to find articles about Iraq in November 2018 that might contain items of interest regarding Trump).

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